Our older retired goldens live a very good life in their host family. We are happy to present you a few ...

Aspen - CH. Majesty’s Great Outdoors

CH. Majesty’s Great Outdoors
#CKC SJ091971
Birth date: May 15th, 2006
Color : Blond
Weight : 59 pounds
Hips :OFA Good GR-95811G24F-PI
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal

Aspen loves to play with hers toys. She's the typical golden.
She now lives with her cousin Harry.

 Aspen Aspenlightbox[aspen]Aspen Aspen Aspenlightbox[aspen]Aspen

Destiny - Majesty Destiny's Child

Majesty Destiny's Child
#CKC XU380903
Birth date: October 13th, 2010
Color: Gold
Weight : 62 pounds
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal

Destiny is a beautiful dog. She loves to play, especially with his half-sister Furgie.

Destiny Destinylightbox[Destiny]Destiny Destiny Destinylightbox[Destiny]Destiny Destiny Destinylightbox[Destiny]Destiny Destiny Destinylightbox[Destiny]Destiny

Rose - Majesty La vie en Rose

Majesty La vie en Rose
Birth date: March 5th 2012
Color: Light blond
Weight : 63 pounds
Hips : OFA Excellent
Eyes : CERF
Heart : OFA

Rose is a gentle, good natured girl. She always likes to strike a pose !

Rose Roselightbox[Rose]Rose Rose Roselightbox[Rose]Rose

Angel - CH. Majesty’s City of Angels

CH. Majesty’s City of Angels

#CKC :UA202596
Birth date: January 23rd, 2008
Color : cream
Weight: 63 pounds
Hips : OVC
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal

Angel has a beautiful attitude, she loves to play.
She now lives with her new family that just loves her !

Angel Angellightbox[angel]Angel Angel Angellightbox[angel]Angel Angel Angellightbox[angel]Angel


Furgie - Majesty’s Furgalicious

Majesty’s Furgalicious
#CKC YE400995
Birth date: July 12th, 2011
Color: Dark gold
Weight : 65 pounds
Hips : OFA GOOD GR-108118G25F-VPI
Eyes : CERF Normal
Heart : OFA GR-CA23790/25F/P-VPI

Furgie is a playfull female. She looks a lot like her mother, Molly. We can always find her side by side with her half sister Destiny.

Furgie Furgielightbox[Furgie]Furgie Furgie Furgielightbox[Furgie]Furgie Furgie Furgielightbox[Furgie]Furgie

Glory - Majesty Glory Road

Majesty Glory Road
#CKC TW186640
Birth date: November 5th, 2007
Color: cream
Weight : 60 pounds
Hips : OFA Good
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal

Glory loves to play. She reminds me of my first female Sheana when she was a puppy.


 Glory Glorylightbox[glory]Glory Glory Glorylightbox[glory]Glory

Mandy - Majesty's Shadow of a Man

Majesty's Shadow of a Man
#CKC UW258971
Birth date: November 24th, 2008
Color: cream
Weight : 59 pounds
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal - cardiologue

Litter :  retired

Mandy is a very smart girl. She has a wonderful presence and a beautiful expression !

Mandy Mandylightbox[Mandy]Mandy

Penny - Majesty's Money Penny

Majesty's Money Penny
#CKC WC273227
Birth date: February 17th, 2009
Color: Light gold
Weight : 59 pounds
Eyes : CERF
Heart : Normal - Cardiologue
Litter : spring 2015

PPenny is a soft and calm female that loves to play. She's a very affectionate girl !

Penny Pennylightbox[Penny]Penny Penny Pennylightbox[Penny]Penny Penny Pennylightbox[Penny]Penny

Lucy - Majesty's Lucy in the Sky

Majesty's Lucy in the Sky
#CKC ZG459223
Date of birth: 13 avril 2012
Color : cream
Weight : 62 pounds
Hips : OFA Excellent (prelim)
Eyes : OFA normal
Heart : Normal - Cardilogue

Lucy is a gentle and calm girl but she loves to play and cuddle. Don't forget her cookies !

Lucy Lucylightbox[Lucy]Lucy Lucy Lucylightbox[Lucy]Lucy

Kate - Majesty's Princess Kate

Majesty's Princess Kate
#CKC YW438290
Date of birth:  November 16th, 2011
Color : cream
Weight : 60 pounds
Eyes : OFA normal
Heart : Normal 

Kate has a lot of energy when it comes to playing. She looks just like her sister Mandy.

Kate Katelightbox[Kate]Kate Kate Katelightbox[Kate]Kate Kate Katelightbox[Kate]Kate

Reese - Majesty's Legally Blonde

Majesty's Legally Blonde
#CKC ZG459216
Date of birth: 28 avril 2012
Color : cream
Weight : 62 pounds
Hips : OFA Good (prelim)
Eyes: OFA normal
Heart : Normal

Reese is a calm girl. She loves to play with her cousin Lucy, they're inseparable!

Reese Reeselightbox[Reese]Reese Reese Reeselightbox[Reese]Reese Reese Reeselightbox[Reese]Reese

Hope - Majesty Hope Floats

Majesty Hope Floats
#CKC AG513337
Date of birth: April 23, 2013
Color : Golden cream
Weight : 67 lbs
Eyes: normal
Heart : Normal
Elbows : Normal

Hope is a real gem. She is sweet, affectionate and very maternal.

Hope Hopelightbox[Hope]Hope Hope Hopelightbox[Hope]Hope

Testimonials from our Clients

Témoignages de nos clients

Since we have our Bruce (Amber et Jackson), it’s now written in the sky that we will always have dogs in our lives. We are totally in love with him. He’s a dog with ldrive and backs up for nothing! I know that I’m not objective but he’s the most beautiful dog we have ever seen.
Thanks again for your wonderful work!

Mylène St-Yves Plante


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