Lord TweedmouthThe golden is recognized universally as being a perfect combination of beauty, grace, intelligence, honesty and of a singular personality. Originally bred for hunting, the golden is now recognized as being the ideal choice for the family.


History of the golden

The golden retriever is originating from Scotland. It is in the 1900 that the breeder Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, known under the name of Lord Tweedmouth, created the golden using out crossing. It is one of the principal craftsmen and founders of this breed. It is necessary to wait the year 1913 so that the golden is recognized as a pedigree dog in Great Britain.

The golden retriever, as its name indicates, belongs to the retrievers whose role is "to bring back" game. Moreover in the beginning, this dog was educated to bring back wounded or cut down game posted in water or tall grasses organized by the English aristocracy.


Testimonials - Engold Boarding

Témoignages de nos clients

Merci infiniment pour les soins, l'attention et l’affection apportés à Balthazar durant son long séjour chez vous. Il est calme, affectueux et a repris son quotidien ainsi que ses notions d’obéissance comme nous ne nous étions pas absentés. Lors de notre prochaine visite chez Dr Gratton, le vétérinaire de Balthazar, nous le remercierons avec enthousiasme de nous avoir donné vos coordonnées.
Merci à vous et à vos employés attentionnés, France-Hélène, Francis et les enfants... qui étaient très heureux de retrouver leur chien!

France-Hélène Rayle Despatis


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Testimonials from our Clients

Témoignages de nos clients

Since we have our Bruce (Amber et Jackson), it’s now written in the sky that we will always have dogs in our lives. We are totally in love with him. He’s a dog with ldrive and backs up for nothing! I know that I’m not objective but he’s the most beautiful dog we have ever seen.
Thanks again for your wonderful work!

Mylène St-Yves Plante


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